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Starting businesses is not as difficult as it used to be and you can start one very easily and quickly. Check out stilt.com if you are a student and need some cash for a small startup. Here are five freelance businesses for you that you can start whenever you want to.

1. Content Writer

Content writing has been done for quite some time now, but there have been new variations in this field. Content writing is now not just limited to a certain type of writing, and you can find many different types. Companies need people that can write training material for them. Brands need writers for advertisements and engaging blog posts on social media and websites. You can become a freelance writer and offer your services to write blog posts, informative articles, SEO-optimized content and even do ghostwriting for your clients. With time you will learn as your writing skills will improve.

2. Social Media Manager

Social media management is one of those jobs for which you don’t have to go out of your house, and it is still fun. Advertising on billboards, newspapers, and television is not the only kind now for a social media presence is also necessary. However, brand owners don’t want to be spending time on what they should post on Facebook and which social media channel they should focus on; it will be your job. Don’t be mistaken, for this job alone is not to be taken lightly. Millennials would find this job to be easy because they grew up while the technology was also spreading its wings, and therefore, understand it you will be telling your customer about the social media that is best suited for them because every business will thrive differently on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.

3. Project Manager

Project managing can help you get a really handsome fee if you know what you are doing. You can become a great project manager if you have some set of skills, which include organizational skills, leadership qualities, and the ability to work with many people and communicate with them. The projects you get will be of different natures such as organizing an event and advertising for it, or creating a marketing campaign, helping some blogger to launch a webinar. All of your jobs will require you to handle the aspects of any project successfully. Being able to multitask is a must because you will need to handle tons of things on your own, at once. Communication skills will also get you far here because if you cannot communicate and negotiate, you will not be doing your job efficiently.

4. Facebook Advertisement Manager

Social media skills are not just limited to knowing about the social media and how to operate it, but Facebook Ads are also a thing right now. All businesses know that they should be running these ads, but only a few know how to run them in a way that it generates profit. You can help people with that, and it could become huge one day.

5. Email Marketing

Emails are still considered as the absolute best method for engaging with customers and making sales because it is a very formal means of communication. When you engage with people through emails, they want to be informed by you and want what you will be selling. And sending an email? It is a time-effective method of reaching your audience. You can offer services to write newsletters, create drip campaigns and consult on sales funnel.

Establish your name and watch your small business grow!
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