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These days, tech-savvy people can’t live without the Internet. They need a high-speed and quality internet connection to perform several personal and professional works on a daily basis and keep their business activities up as usual. All internet users always dream of fast internet available on a small fee. That is why they resort to a broadband connection. In fact, a Broadband connection is designed to provide access to the network and is actively used by service providers, operators of IP telephony, mobile communications, and other organizations.

As a matter of fact, Broadband Internet access implies the possibility of not only accessing the network at high speed but also transferring data from the computer. So, there is a cardinal difference from the Internet using a modem. The latter operates on the principle of a subscriber line and is limited to the transmission of 56 kbit / s. Broadband Internet is 40 times more efficient – up to 2 Mbit / s. High-speed data transmission, a stable connection to the network and the ability to “two-way communication” allows people to receive and send data at high speed in both directions.

Sometimes, people encounter a slow broadband connection and their overall business operations and performance suffer a lot. Is there any way to fix this problem? Yes, there are. Just go through the below- mentioned points:

1. Check Your Internet Connection At First

On several occasions, your internet does not have a high speed just because you pay for a very limited bandwidth. Just go to the website of internet service provider and find out the maximum speed of the incoming channel on your tariff plan. After this, visit a website to determine the speed of your internet connection. If both speeds coincide approximately, then switch to a different tariff plan which gives more bandwidth for use.

2. Trace & Fix Hardware Problems ASAP

Before blaming your Internet Service Provider for slow broadband connection, just reset your router and modem (turn them off and power on again) and see if the situation changes after that or not. If your office/house has several computers connected to the Internet, then turn them off and sequentially turn on the machines individually to check the internet speed on each PC or laptop.

It is possible that one of your PCs may be creating problems that cause a slow connection to the Internet for everyone else. Check all the components of your home network for possible problems with the hardware. Just replace the faulty the modem or router. You will have a faster internet on a broadband connection.

3. Fix Wi-Fi Signal

If your PC or laptop is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, then its speed will be affected during normal operation as the work of the router and modem may be low due to a significant attenuation of the wireless network signal. Just take your laptop closer to the antennas of the Wi-Fi router or bring the router to your computer. If the connection speed is then normalized, then you need to correct the distribution of the Wi-Fi signal in the apartment or office. You can fix this problem through different means.

4. Delete Devouring Plugins and Programs

If your hardware is ok, then a slow internet connection may be caused by the brandwidth devouring plugins and programs. For instance, if you download movies using torrents, then other uses of the Internet will suffer a lot. Just delete all such plugins and use extensions such as AdBlock Plus or FlashBlock, to stop flash and video advertising, save your resources and boost the internet connection speed up to a certain extent.

5. Try Another DNS Server

When you enter the address of websites in the search bar of web browsers, all resources on the Internet (normally known as IP address) are shown in a numerical format. DNS servers just translate customary addresses for people into a numerical form. But, on several occasions, they have problems due to which the website server becomes slow or completely shut down. If you encounter a DNS server problem, just tune to tune into alternative DNS servers, which work faster than your service provider. If the DNS server of the provider works without problems, then such changes are futile.


Broadband networks are an integral part of all those companies, business organizations and firms that are involved in the web-based business. You can use the above-mentioned tips to fix the speed problem in brand internet connect easily and effortlessly.
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Lisa Cooper works as a writer for Fixtel, an Australian owned and operated telecommunications company to provide quality faster business broadband. She is a web addict and spends too much time in front of the computer. When she manages to get away for more than 10 minutes, she will read books, travel or shoot photos.

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