Tammy Broccas January 27, 2019
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If you think of expanding your business by exposing it to overseas markets then you should actually consider the help of export market development grant. They are offered by Australian companies which are helping the small business owners to mitigate the risk involved in the launch of their business in overseas markets, helping them deal with the fluctuation in economic expansion and really help your business to grow a great deal. There are several Australian businesses availing this opportunity and exporting more than 40% of their assets through the help of these grants. You can avail this opportunity and see your business rising to different heights of success

Refer an EMDG Consultant

There are other companies which are not waiting for the time to make their product outshine in only Australian markets. They are not waiting for the testing phase where their product could make a mark in the local market before getting it launched in a foreign one. Instead, they are immediately in the action and getting exposure in the overseas world with the help of export market development grant. It’s not easy to deal with the export industry as there are several complications involved; it is a challenging task to get the expansion done. But an EMDG consultant will be providing you support which you will be looking for.

Export Market Development Grand Assistance

They are providing you with financial assistance through their program where new aspiring exporters can stand their expenditure. They can actually choose their specific promotional activities and avail the grant. There are so many exporters who have certainly no idea about what this program has to offer. They can really get away with a lot more risk if they associate themselves with this program, as this can reduce the risk to a great extent.

Requirements for Export Market Development Grand

There are basic requirements which are needed by this program if you want to avail this opportunity as a small business entrepreneur. Your business can be given a 50% grant if you are eligible to export worth over $15,000. This scheme offers a minimum grant of up to $5,000 and a maximum one up to $150,000 which can be claimed yearly.

No matter that you are just any partnership or linked with any association even if you are just an individual you can apply under the basic conditions. You must not have an annual income exceeding about $50 million in the duration of the grant year. There are different criteria and perks for first-time applicants.

If you are applying for the first time then you can actually combine the expenses of two consecutive financial years into one. If you ever considered applying for export market development and then you have to have a knowledge of you think in order to get qualified.

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