Tammy Broccas October 14, 2018
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More and more people are looking for simple ways to change the look of their kitchen with tiles. You can enjoy the classic beauty by reading our ideas for transforming the tiles of the kitchen with originality!

Ways to customize kitchen tiles

The heart of the house, the kitchen, is reinvented every day thanks to clever arrangements. In addition to decorative objects, coatings are also an effective way to transform this living space in the blink of an eye. Focus on three ideas to change the atmosphere of the kitchen through the customization of tiles.

Customize kitchen tiling with paint

What could be more radical to boost the decoration than to change the appearance of the walls thanks to painting? Wall tiles, such as ceramic and porcelain, can be transformed according to your desires with a wide range of colors available on the market. A simple specialized paint is enough to cover this coating to give a new face to kitchen surfaces. First we clean, then we apply and enjoy! Anthracite grey, pinkish beige or peacock blue, all kinds of madness are allowed to transform tiles with a range of modern colors.

The dark shades bring an assertive contemporary spirit, while the light shades offer brightness and softness. Whatever your preference, this makeover ensures a chic and personal refreshment in the kitchen. There is no need to change cupboards and other modules: the new background of your space will highlight furniture and decorative objects.

Customize kitchen tiles with stencils

To personalize the tiling of the kitchen, on the floor as on the wall, one opts for stencils like geometric designs with minimalist shapes and rosettes, to design oneself or to buy ready to use in the trade. For this customization, you need: acetone to degrease and clean the floor and improve the grip of the paint, a special tile primer to apply before painting, your most beautiful stencils, tile paint, a brush, tape and a protective varnish to sublimate and preserve your creation once it’s all over. This bias offers character and charm to the kitchen. For the floor, Victorian Floor Tiles are gorgeous and can add a great look to your kitchen…

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