Tammy Broccas October 10, 2018
drinking habits

Drinking, though a common social activity, can also be a loaded topic. After a night of overindulgence, you may have a few questions and concerns beyond, “What’s the best way to cure a hangover?”

You may be worried you’re going to give yourself alcohol poisoning one day. How much liquor can your body handle? It’s possible you’re thinking that maybe you’ve been drinking too much. Will a total body cleanse help clean out your system? Should you go for in for alcohol detox treatment? What’s the best way for a social drinker to detox, anyway?

If you have any of these or a similar question, chances are we’ve answered it below. Why answer these questions? Everyone should know how much they can handle, how much is too much drinking, and how to spot a potential problem- in themselves or someone close. So, without further ado, let’s put your drinking habits in perspective.

How Much Alcohol Can My Body Handle?

At the extreme end, if you ever get a BAC of 0.3 or higher, you’re at risk of severe, potentially fatal alcohol poisoning. The less you weigh, and the less you have eaten before drinking, the more quickly your BAC will rise. Further, women are likely to have a higher BAC even after consuming the same amount of alcohol as men.

How Long Will Alcohol Stay In My System?

When anyone asks this question, they’re less concerned with exactly how long alcohol stays in their system and more concerned with how long a specific drink will affect them. In any case, how long alcohol remains in your system is dependent on half a dozen factors. Your weight, metabolism, alcohol tolerance, medication, diet, age, and sex can all influence how long alcohol affects you and how long it takes to break down inside your body.

On average, however, it takes one hour to break down a unit of alcohol. How much alcohol is in your favorite drink?

  • Wine – 3 Units Per 250ml Glass
  • Beer – 2 to 3 Units Per Pint or Bottle, 2 Units Per Can
  • Spirits – 1 Unit Per Shot

The easiest way to tell if you may be using too much alcohol is by taking note of how long it takes you to reach a particular point of…

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