Tammy Broccas May 7, 2019
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Athletic performance is an integral part of the collective culture in the United States. While some sports are more dangerous than others, all athletes put themselves at risk each time they step on the field, grab the bar, or catch the ball. Having the right amount of disability insurance is vital for the protection of athletes who put their health on the line while playing the sports they love.

Why Are Athletes at Such a Risk?

Each day, athletes push their bodies to the max in training and performance. When injuries strike, they can put a person on the sidelines for the rest of their lives. Whether playing on the professional level or simply pursuing a love of the game, athletes need to make sure they protect themselves. The top firm dealing with disability recommends athletes carry disability insurance, in case serious injuries occur.

5 Reasons All Athletes Need Disability Insurance

As a whole, collegiate sports-related injuries are holding steady which is both good news and bad. With an increased focus on proper training and warm-up, one would think these numbers would be reduced over the years. The following offers five important reasons why all athletes need to be covered with disability insurance.

  1. Being a star athlete can lead to big money unless a serious injury stops the individual from being able to participate. Just like with any job, disability means no more money coming in. With disability insurance, athletes are protected.
  2. Serious injuries happen without warning and sometimes occur even when an athlete has done all they can to protect themselves. Having peace of mind in knowing they are fully protected is a game changer for professional athletes.
  3. Athletes with up-and-coming careers should purchase disability coverage so they can protect their earning potential against losses in income due to disability. These policies can be based on the athlete’s earning potential and not what they are currently making.
  4. Athletes should also consider purchasing this type of insurance because it covers the loss of endorsements. Some athletes make much of their money off of product endorsement and the loss of these endorsements can be devastating.
  5. An athlete can benefit from this policy with temporary disability coverage. This means if they are unable to play for a specific period of time, they will receive income replacement benefits. An athlete does not have to become completely disabled to be able to benefit from coverage.

How Much Disability Coverage Should Be Purchased?

One of the biggest dilemmas athletes have is deciding how much coverage they need. High-limit policies are needed for professional athletes because these policies pay out greater amounts. Athletes may want to consider purchasing a loss-of-value add-on to their disability policy, to ensure they are fully protected. Although the premiums can be steep for these policies, most professional athletes feel it is coverage they must have.


Athletes and sportspeople of all types can benefit from disability insurance coverage. One serious injury can devastate a person for the rest of their lives. With full insurance coverage, athletes can rest assured they will be covered, should the unthinkable happen and they suffer an injury that prevents them from playing again. With careful research into the options, athletes can make the right purchase for their protection.

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