Tammy Broccas September 4, 2020
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As a business, if you don’t have the resources in-house (and sometimes, even if you do!) you should be leveraging the expertise of internet marketing agencies to drive more leads and conversions to add to your profitability. With different marketing tactics available, using a digital marketing agency’s expertise to do your bidding is ideal to attract your target market and enhance your digital presence.

If you are considering dipping your toes into digital marketing, then this is what you can expect.

1. Market Research

Before you put any feelers out to gauge which marketing channels to target, you first need to have a thorough understanding of your target market. This is where using a digital marketing agency will be useful as they can help you conduct market research and put together data that can be used to attract more customers. Performing market research gives you an edge as you are in a better position to understand what makes customers tick.

2. Google Ads

A great way to capture the attention of your prospective customers is by leveraging the information available on Google Ads. The online marketing agency you hire can help you at just the right moment because they can monitor when a potential customer has a problem that needs to be solved. Unlike random generic marketing, search marketing results are shown to people who are actively looking for a solution.

As most people turn to Google for answers, running a Google Ads campaign, specifically targeting those customers will be highly beneficial.

3. SEO

There’s more to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) than ranking higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs) and building a presence online. When you rank higher on the search results, you not only get more views, but you capture prospective customers at the ideal stage in their buyer’s journey. This means the exact moment they have a problem, your content (that ranks higher and is relevant to their query) presents a solution.

While there are agencies who exclusively offer SEO services, most digital marketing firms offer this service along with other things.

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the digital ammunition you need to create a highly successful and lucrative business. Most companies believe that simply writing a few blog posts every week and putting them up on their website will do the magic. But if you care about your sales and vanity metrics, you will see that there’s more to content marketing than simply posting blog content.

Proficient marketing agencies might offer a mix of content marketing services that not only includes blog writing but also SEO-focused writing, video content creation, infographic creation, content analysis, copywriting, social media marketing and promotion amongst other things!

While you might not leverage (or need) all these services, but when hiring a marketing agency, see if they provide enough diverse solutions, should you decide to try a new tactic to market yourself.

5. Facebook Advertising

PPC management is offered by most digital marketing agencies and this includes Facebook Ads. With its excellent targeting features and a massive user base, Facebook is a superb social platform for practically any business. With Facebook Ads, companies are bound to see a healthy ROI as they effectively capture and convert leads.

You have the usual target marketing features like gender, income, location, interests, education level and status updates. What’s more impressive is that you can also target customers based on major life events like graduating from college, getting married, getting a new job, having a baby and more!

Such robust features is what makes Facebook Ads a solid channel to mine promising leads.

6. Web Design

In addition to creating concrete online marketing campaigns and strategies, some marketing firms also offer web designing as a part of their services. While web designing is generally not labelled as a marketing technique, the layout of your website with its easy-to-navigate interactive elements can set you a league apart from your competitors.

An aesthetic web design not only attracts more customers but also helps you get more exposure. This means your site needs to have a great UX (user experience and user interface (UI) along with other elements that give your conversion rate a boost.

At the end of the day, there’s only one deciding factor that determines whether your website drives sales – are the visitors taking the action you intended them to take?

The Bottom Line

Given the varied range of solutions offered by some marketing agencies, choose one who provides services you are looking for keeping in mind your budget and expectations.

Before using a digital marketing agency, ensure that they are the right choice for you by seeing if their services align with your business needs.

Have a proper think before you pick someone to lead and curate your marketing strategy!

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