Tammy Broccas November 2, 2018
morning routine

If you’re like most people out there, having a morning routine is probably something that has crossed your mind. Still, all you’ve probably managed to do consistently is to wake up at the last minute, round around the house looking for clothes to wear, the keys, making yourself a cup of coffee (on the days when you’re lucky), and running out the door. Well, in that sense, you do have a routine going, but it could be better.

Start the Evening Before

Here’s the thing: no morning routine is going to be successful if the night before was a disaster. Say you’d like to start waking up at 7 am. Now, how is that going to happen, if you go to bed at 3 am? Sure, it may be possible, but you are going to be exhausted for the entire day, and that is certainly not the point of a morning routine. In fact, the whole point is to start the day off right. So, try your best to work on going to bed earlier, to get enough sleep, and still be able to wake up at the desired hour. I’m by no means suggesting here that you should do that right away. Remember, baby steps. Try going to bed half an hour earlier, and waking up half an hour earlier, until you reach that desired wake-up time.

Have a Few Activities Prepared

Finding the perfect morning routine isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight. You may need to try a few things out before you reach the one that works just right. It’s best if you can have a few planned activities that get you excited for waking up. Perhaps it’s reading, exercising, taking a bath or planning out the day. For those who want to start a fitness routine in the morning, it may be a good idea to find out how compression wear is improving your workout, since that can work as motivator, too. Whatever activities you end up doing, make sure that they ease you into the day.

Set the Right Wake Up Time

Earlier I wrote about going to bed early enough so that waking up at the right time isn’t a pain. But what should be that wake-up time? Well, it depends, but essentially, it should be one that allows you to do all the activities I spoke about earlier without pressure. This is the great thing about waking up early: you have the power to start your day the way you want it. For that, a bit of figuring out is needed, of course.

Keep that Wake-Up Time During the Weekend

It’s called a routine for a reason: it must stay fairly similar throughout all the days of the weeks. Indeed, if you wake up at 7 from Monday to Friday, but wake up at 11 during the weekend, what do you think is going to happen coming Monday? You’re not very likely to be able to wake up at the same time. This is why after figuring out that perfect hour, you shouldn’t change it when the weekend comes.

Creating and keeping a perfect morning routine takes a bit of figuring out. Whether it is about the exact activities you’re going to be doing, or about the hour you should be waking up at, you will have to plan it out. The good thing about it, however, is that the perfect morning routine allows you to start the day off right.

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