Tammy Broccas August 23, 2018
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Whether you are preparing your home for sale or you simply want to make your property look better to passersby, making cosmetic updates is a worthwhile investment. Adding curb appeal to your home can be done step-by-step as you have the time and budget. This list of seven tips for enhancing the exterior beauty of your home and property will make you feel proud to call your house a home.

1. Update the Front Door

Your home’s front door is the focal point of the structure. Your guests’ eyes will naturally be drawn to it. Keep the door clean by installing a rubber or metal kick plate to prevent dirt and mud splashes.

Paint the door a bold color, such as barn red or forest green. If your front door has windows, wash them daily. Wipe down the door’s handle or knob to remove fingerprints and stains. This cleaning also keeps the knob shiny and free of corrosion.

2. Install New Hardware

Most homes have multiple types of exterior hardware. The doorknob, knocker and mail slot are all highly visible. Replace dated brass with a more modern option, such as brushed nickel or chrome.

Match the style of the hardware with the architectural style of your home. A brick Colonial home pairs well with iron, while a modern stucco and stone ranch pairs well with crystal, copper or chrome door knobs and knockers. When updating the door hardware, update the house numbers, shutter hardware and flagpole holder.

3. Add a Front Walk and Back Patio

Guests will feel welcome when there is a clearly defined path to your front door. Pair a brick Colonial home with a brick walkway. A modern home would look lovely with a colored and textured concrete walkway.

Add a pebble edging for good drainage around the walkway. A patio just outside of your back door is another way to add curb appeal. A stone or stamped concrete patio would look nice with an Art Deco or modern home. Consider an ornate brick patio would be a lovely addition to your house…

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