Do you want to contribute to Vertextra? Do you have a valuable piece of content you want to promote and to link from our website? It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

1. Fill-in the form below (or email us).
2. We’ll review your content and hopefully we’ll publish it.
3. We’ll confirm you publishing your content.

Alternatively, you can write us at contact [@] vertextra [.] com
If you have a text you want to add to the content of Vertextra, feel free to send it to us. Recommendations, pieces of advice are best suited.

If you want us to link to your commercial website or company blog then let us know. It might cost you something but, the more valuable the contribution, the smaller the price.

If you want us to link to your personal blog post we will use one paragraph as an introduction to the subject you propose to our readers, and we’ll of course link to your blog post where you present your point of view in detail. There is no charge for linking to personal blogs as we value content creators and know how much effort they put into building valuable content and personal brands.
Feel free to recommend us new subjects and to contribute.

We aim at building a website those webpages are dedicated to specific subjects and to offer our readers multiple perspectives while respecting and giving full credit to the authors of those materials.

Thank you!

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