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is the email address to contact me for:

  • Recommendations, suggestions, critics

  • Guest posts
  • Do you have an article you want to share with my readers? Here you have the possibility to make your voice heard and opinions known. It’s simple, submit a guest post on the topic you like and feel most comfortable.

    Here are some topics for you to consider if you want to submit a guest post to me: advertising, artists, automotive, beauty, books, business, cars, community, content marketing, customer experience, customer service, education, engineering, enterprise, family, fashion, finance, first aid, fitness, food, guest posting, health, health insurance, home improvement, home security, internet marketing, jewelry, law, life insurance, lifestyle, link building, marketing, mom, mortgage, movies, music, network, nursery, outfits, packaging, parenting, personal development, personal finance, photography, pregnancy, property, real estate, relationships, royal, science, services, small business, strategy, taxes, technology, tips, traditions, travel, web design, websites, wedding. If your preferred topic is not mentioned above, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean I don’t take it into consideration, these are listed here only as examples. Please note, submitting a guest blog post to me doesn’t mean it will be published automatically. I select guest posting with care, I put quality above quantity.

  • Collaborative posts
  • If you are or represent a business and want to promote your brand, your products and your services through my blog, I can write a blog post about your business and the solutions you offer. Unlike guest posts which you write or somebody writes for you and I review, edit and publish them, collaborative posts are written by me, expressing my own opinions and putting them in written words using my own tone of voice.

    I don’t write thin articles so you can expect a collaborative post of at least 700-800 words. I also supply the photo(s) for the blog post (unless they’re specific and you provide the images – your own photos or ones you have the rights to use). I will also include 1-3 links to your business website as per your need/request.

    If this is something you are interested in, don’t hesitate dropping a question or introducing yourself at the above mentioned email address. Or send me a brief letting me know what you want to achieve with a collaborative post on my blog and other specific details and I’ll get back to you in no time.

Yours truly,

Tammy Broccas

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