Tammy Broccas February 10, 2019
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When it comes to starting an online beauty shop, it helps to find an ecommerce partner that more or less shares the same goals and aspirations as you. For instance, if you are thinking about handling Korean beauty products, it helps to partner up with a reliable wholesaler like Asian Beauty Wholesale which offers various Asian products. To determine whether a business makes a great ecommerce partner for you, here are some factors to consider:

1. Consider their credentials

One of the most important features that any business should have is whether or not they are recognized in their country, state, or county as a legitimate business. While it may seem like a minimal requirement for some, asking for certifications is absolutely necessary. This is to determine whether or not you are working with a partner that not only respects their area’s laws but also adhere to the policies and regulations implemented by the organized body.

2. Examine their reputation

Nowadays, nearly everyone can check on a shop’s reputation online. With so many review sites that allow customers and clients to share their experiences, it’s not at all difficult to see whether a potential partner is deemed trustworthy and efficient. While most reviews are subjective, working with a partner that has a relatively clean record is much safer than betting on a partnership with a controversial one. In the end, it’s all about safety where if you work with a company that has a shady past, it could potentially affect your business’ reputation in the future.

3. Look into their company history

Similar to their reputation, a company’s history highlights the highs and lows of a business’ entity. However, unlike reputation, a company’s history is backed by historical facts and data that more or less shows the successes and failures of a company. For example, if a company is known to test its beauty products on animals, then this fact could effectively affect their reputation and yours which is subject to public scrutiny. If you are thinking of running a vegan-friendly beauty shop then you might want to check out a potential partner’s history first.

4. Analyze their company’s goal and mission

A company’s overall goal and mission are what drive them to build, work, and ultimately motivate them to keep on growing as a business. They are also reflections of a company’s values which can either complement or contradict yours. If you feel that your values differ much from theirs then it may not work as well as you would like. While compromises are possible, it’s hard for two businesses to genuinely trust each other if they have different aspirations.

5. Visit their website

A company’s website is a reflection on how they wish to express their company image over the internet. It also indicates their professionalism, creativity, innovation, and overall sense of organization. While one shouldn’t judge a website by its design, most businesses that are serious about their work will spare no expense when it comes to running a successful website. This includes investing in:

  • Website designs other than templates
  • Fast servers that ensure faster loading time
  • Limited advertisements or pop-ups which can otherwise distract visitors

Additionally, it also helps to check out some of their social media pages. Since they are an integral part of online marketing, ideal partners must also be willing to optimize their marketing strategy in order to attract potential clients and customers.

6. Check their other partners

Most wholesalers and suppliers tend to work with numerous clients that work in the same industry as you. In the case of finding an online beauty ecommerce partner, this involves researching on their other clients which can either be physical or online shops. For a more honest take, consider contacting these partners and ask a few questions of their experience working with the business. Some examples of which include:

  • When did you find out about them?
  • Why did you decide to partner up with them?
  • How was the overall service and partnership for you?
  • Were you able to test their products?
  • How would you rate them as a business partner?

These questions can also be done via online messenger or online survey to help you save time and energy.


In order for an online business to succeed, entrepreneurs must be willing to work with other businesses or companies that they can trust to achieve their goals with. That way, this ensures that both parties are able to completely understand each other without necessarily jeopardizing each others’ goals and aspirations.

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