Tammy Broccas October 9, 2019
burglar breaking into house

Burglary is one of the extensive threats to a resident’s property and also to their state of mind. Even after incorporating various security measures, the rate still continues to rise high. There are various reasons for this, one of them could be the mistakes made by the homeowners. So, today, our article talks about it. We have listed down some of the most common mistakes that every homeowner makes, have a look below.

Signs indicating you are away

One of the common mistakes that every other homeowner makes, being indicative and social about their vacation plans. Garage left open, newspapers piling up near your front door, mails stacking up in the mailbox, etc, is a great sign of you not being at home. Also, with the trend of social media and stuff, we tend to put out images and videos about our travel plans. This might sometimes lead to a greater chance of burglary. Whenever you are not at home, stop/pause all your utility services such as newspaper. Else, ask your neighbors to help you with it.

Doors/windows unlocked

According to the recent stats, over 50% of burglaries happen due to an unlocked door or window. Sometimes, in a rush, we might forget to lock or close the windows/doors. But to ensure safety, make sure to always double-check your gates, doors and windows before you step out or before going to bed. In fact, make this a daily practice for your whole family, so even if one forgets, others will do the job for you.

Not having a security system

Yes, installing a security system is an investment, but it’s always a better idea to be safe than sorry. Your investment today might help you secure your future, it says it all! There are many affordable security systems available in the market. We suggest you to check out app-based systems as these are not only known to be convenient but also efficient.

Turning off alarms and detectors

Important notice to all homeowners, no matter what the situation is, never turn off your alarms or detectors. Though you are not staying at home, it’s highly important that all your security devices are functioning round the clock. Keep a timely check on them to see if they are in proper condition or not.

Leaving spare keys

This trick is usually used assuming that the burglar wouldn’t know about it. After all, they are expert in this field and are very well aware of it. Avoid hiding a spare key around outside of the house, instead hide it in a safer place such as your neighbors.
This article was written by Surbhi, a writer based in Hyderabad, India, with interests and writing experience spanning across industries. Writing, for me, is a stressbuster and means to express myself. Over the past decade, I have written for established publications like ElephantJournal, yoganonymous and BeautyandgroomingTips on a variety of subjects like fashion, health, security, digital marketing, business etc. Diversity across various categories helps broadens my vision and make me learn more about my writing.

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