Tammy Broccas June 19, 2019
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You’ve found your girl, she’s the one and you know it’s time to pop that all-important question… but how do you pick the perfect ring for this special moment?

Here are 5 simple keys to help you choose the right ring, in the right size, and get her to swoon and say “Yes!”

1. Set your budget

It is so important to start out knowing your budget and what you can afford before you start getting involved in picking the ring. There are many options available in many shapes and sizes. It’s not worth going into debt at the start of your marriage for a ring. She will appreciate whatever you have chosen, with her style in mind, and that it is given with love.

Along with the budget, also consider where you are going to get the ring from. You can go to a reputable jeweler in your area, or you can shop online from a good online store – whichever you choose, do your research so you don’t get ripped off and your hard-earned cash gets you what you want. The advantage of going to a jeweler is they can give you advice and ask you questions to help to guide you towards the perfect ring.

2. Find out her ring size

Many men opt out of buying the ring before the engagement as they don’t know her ring size. To keep it a surprise from your future bride-to-be, ask close friends or family to help you out. The best way is to find a ring of hers she isn’t wearing and get it sized at a jeweler. You want that ring to slide onto her finger once she’s said yes! If there is a need to change the size after the proposal, the jeweler can adjust it as needed.

3. Pick her style

You want to pick something she is going to look at every day and smile, something that suits her style and personality. Look at the other jewelry she wears and what type of person she is – is her style more classic or more out there and flashy? A good friend of hers, and someone who can keep it a secret, is a good source to get insight into her look and style. It’s worth you taking the time to look at all the different types of rings so you can get a feel for what is out there and what she will love.

4. Choosing a band and setting

Ring bands come in different metals. The most common are yellow gold, rose gold, platinum and white gold. Each metal has its different properties – the gold ones are shiny but are soft. The platinum rings may be less shiny but are more durable. Pay attention to what metal her other jewelry is in – she may not like yellow gold and only wear silver or platinum.

The setting of the ring comes in many different shapes and styles. As we’ve said before, consider her personality and style when you pick the engagement ring. Also, consider her job and what she does day to day as to what type of band will suit her and the type of setting you chose.

For example, if she does a job where she uses her hands a lot, a platinum ring with a low set style may suit her better. If she does a job where she’s at a desk, a softer metal like gold and a bolder setting should be fine.

5. The big surprise

Ladies love a surprise, so if you can take the time to do some detective work and find out her size and what her style is, you can give her the perfect surprise proposal. It doesn’t always matter about the when, how and where the proposal is, as long as she can see the thought you’ve put into it and into her beautiful engagement ring.

Do your homework, take the time to plan and investigate and you will get a very happy fiancé who is in love with her ring. And even more in love with you for the thought you put into choosing it!

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