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As a home-buyer, we consider all things before purchasing our dream home (the cost, place, etc.). Thus, knowing your options would make everything easier, and that includes identifying your best option for Mortgage Lender. Mortgage Lender is an entity, often a bank, that provides financing for the purchase of your dream home.

So what do they do specifically? A mortgage lender will use a mortgage as security for lending of money. A mortgage lender may also be a lender to owners of real estate, but necessary for its purchase.

Now, how important is it? Choosing your mortgage lender is on high risk, as you don’t want to waste money if you can choose cheaper options. There are a lot of mortgage lenders that you can choose, but the real question is how to select the best mortgage lender. Now here are tips to determine the best mortgage lender for your dream home.

Think About Why You’d Need a Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker can help a lot especially if you are a busy person and you need most of your time for work, family, etc. A broker can help you do a large portion and save you time. But, there are drawbacks you need to be aware of when working with them.

A Mortgage Broker earn points by arranging the deal between the lender and the new homeowner, which is you. One of the drawbacks of getting a mortgage broker is if they set you up on a lender that offers them the highest profit, but not necessarily the best mortgage for you.

Thus, research is a must if you decide to have a broker on your back to help. Ask for feedbacks, references from other homeowners on what was their experience working with the broker. A huge red flag of choosing your broker is if they refuse to give references from past clients.

The Kind of Lender You Want

Here comes the option for a small lender or a large lender. For those who prefer more personal customer service and a mortgage lender who knows your name, a small lender is a right fit for you. For those who care more about getting the proper interest rate, a larger lender is your actual best option. And again researching is essential to get your best option between larger lenders or smaller ones.

Ask for Mortgage Feedbacks

Remember that a mortgage broker is not your only way to find mortgage lenders. Someone of your friends, family members or co-workers who have purchased a home within the last few years would be your best source of options on Mortgage Lenders. If referrals came from someone close to you, it would surely help you cut through the sea of prospects to find someone you can trust.

Be Outspoken and Ask for Ideas

Your real estate agent should not limit you any recommendations, good or even the worse proposal. Thus, your real estate agent’s opinion is essential. Someone recommended by a real estate agent would be taken care of like a family by a smart loan officer.

Be outspoken, ask your agent their ideas and about how they feel it would turn out. Take advantage of their knowledge and make sure the lender you speak with knows you came to them through a recommendation from your agent. This connection is not just a cool icebreaker but is also a big help when it comes to reducing closing rates.

Your Lender’s Reputation

Your family members, friends, and even a website’s feedback is essential, but it is imperative to do a background check. If you are able to get the names of their past clients, make sure to speak with them.

Online reviews are essential to be checked and don’t hesitate to bring up any questions you have with a potential Lender. As much as possible learn everything about who you might be dealing with, this would help you save all the headaches later on.


Shopping around for the right mortgage is daunting and might be stressful. There are numerous mortgage lenders available out there such as Annapolis Mortgage Group, and a lot more are popping up online daily, so it’s hard to choose from a sea of options.

Remember that researching as much as possible can help you drill down to your best choice and have your home sweet home ready for your family. Keep in mind that the only person you can trust is yourself, so give your chosen mortgage lender about one percent of your trust and let them gain the rest.

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