Tammy Broccas August 7, 2018
chicken fricassee

The coming of the summer means longer, warmer, and sunnier days. But it also means that we will not be too keen on spending too much time in the kitchen. After all, who likes sitting over a simmering pot, surrounded by hot steams, while the temperatures outside call for something cool? So, we are tempted to eat light, a salad, or take the cooking outside by enjoying a barbecue as often as possible.

Still, when you have guests over or would like a dish with comforting food, you need to leave those salads aside and prepare something delicious. This is why I will come up with a recipe proposal that is filling, tasty, light, and can be prepared in no time. It can be the ideal solution for a dinner with your friends and loved ones, served with a glass of white wine or a rose, cooled nicely in the fridge for a few hours.

Thus, the following lines will be all about chicken fricassee, a dish that appeared in England somewhere in the 16th century, according to old writings. As you can tell, the name of this dish has French roots in it, as it is believed that “Fricassee” may come from the French “frire”, which means to fry, although it is not certain how this word actually appeared. I love this recipe because it is comforting without being unhealthy.

I am not a fan of fried food, plus it makes me think about the stews my grandmother used to cook during my summer vacation at their house. So, yes, chicken fricassee can be considered a stew, as it involves slight sautéing and more simmering, which allows the flavors of the ingredients to beautifully entwine, resulting in a mouthwatering dish.

I will very soon get to the recipe, so you’ll stop guessing, but, before doing so, I have to say that there are a few variations of this recipe. Thus, feel free to choose any of these variations, according to your own preferences. For example, dry white wine is used when simmering the chicken, but if you don’t want to add it, just replace it with the good-old chicken stock, in the same quantity.

Also, some recipes will mention adding heavy cream, as the initial chicken fricassee recipe mentions that the dish is served with a thick white sauce. However, if you want to cut the calories and eat lighter, you can opt for low-fat cream or Greek yogurt instead, or simply not add any kind of dairy product to it. In every case, your chicken fricassee will turn out…

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