Tammy Broccas June 15, 2019
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For jewelry lovers, there is nothing more exciting than shopping for precious stone jewelry. Many jewelry retailers are now offering their products online, so shoppers can find the perfect jewelry in the comfort of their own homes. While reputable jewelry dealers abound, there are some tips that should be followed to ensure that precious stone jewelry is purchased safely.

Understanding the Value of Precious Stone Jewelry

Natural precious stones are a great investment for any jewelry collector. Adina’s Jewels offers some of the most beautiful stones from around the world. Precious stone jewelry typically rises in value over the years, making this jewelry perfect for any collector.

Tips for Safely Purchasing Precious Stone Jewelry Online

Before purchasing any stone jewelry online, it helps if you know the value. Understanding the value of gemstone jewelry allows you to purchase with confidence. The following tips will help to ensure you are purchasing from a reputable dealer who will offer you a fair price.

· Often, online jewelry retailers can offer substantial savings because they don’t have the costs associated with operating a brick and mortar location. Although the prices are typically lower, it is wise to still compare prices to ensure you are getting the best deal.

· Reputation is everything when it comes to online jewelry stores. Learning as much as you can about a retailer before making your purchase is essential. Read online reviews and check out the rating of the company to ensure they are a reputable one.

· The description of the jewelry piece should contain all the information you need for making a purchase. The type of metal and gemstone should be fully disclosed. The description should also provide information on whether the stone is natural or lab-created.

· When shopping for online jewelry, it is wise to study the return policy before making a purchase. The return policy varies among retailers. Knowing the return policy before you buy will help you avoid problems later.

· Make sure you get everything in writing when purchasing from a private seller or online retail location. Those who don’t protect themselves often get scammed. Getting everything in writing ensures you are getting what you paid for.

How to Care for Your Precious Stone Jewelry

Because precious stone jewelry can be expensive, it is important you know how to properly care for your pieces. The following tips will help ensure your gemstone jewelry remains beautiful for many years to come.

Don’t wear precious stone jewelry when applying makeup or hair care products. It is especially important to remember this for porous gemstones like pearls. You should also remove your jewelry when cleaning, painting, or dealing with any other messy tasks.

The best way to clean gemstone jewelry is simple dish soap and a soft toothbrush. These remove the dirt and grime that can build up behind the stone and cause it to look dull. Ideally, you should clean your jewelry once a month. With proper care, your jewelry will be protected against damage.


Following the above tips will help to ensure you purchase gemstone jewelry safely. Once you have made your purchase, keep your jewelry stored safely and clean it on a regular basis to protect your investment. Taking time to research the value of gemstones will make a big difference in your purchase.

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