Tammy Broccas August 21, 2019
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Those who already ride Harleys tend to talk about them with the kind of reverence usually reserved for religious experiences, which can be off-putting to new riders. Newcomers to the motorcycle scene are often curious at best and skeptical at worst about what makes Harleys so special. This article will introduce just four of the almost infinite number of reasons so many riders seem to be obsessed with this iconic American brand.

Huge Selection

Harley-Davidson offers an incredible selection of styles and bike sizes along with an astoundingly comprehensive catalog of accessories. Riders can browse used Harleys here to check out affordable models in their area. Whether they’re looking to head out on a long-distance motorcycle tour or just want to get around town in style, they’ll be sure to find exactly what they’re looking for when buying Harley-Davidson bikes.

They’re Built to Last

There’s a reason riders still see so many classic Harleys on the road. These American icons of the motorcycle world are made to last. Like any motorcycle, a Harley will require ongoing maintenance and care but, if riders are conscientious about taking care of their bikes, they’ll find they won’t need to buy new ones for decades to come.

The longevity associated with the Harley-Davidson brand helps to offset the somewhat higher price of buying a high-quality bike instead of a cheap bike that will break down all the time. A Harley-Davidson motorcycle is an investment, and many riders find that the first Harley they buy will be the last motorcycle they’ll have to purchase. This is especially true given the availability of parts mentioned above.

Rider Solidarity

People who ride Harleys are very into their bikes. They’re also into socializing with other Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, which helps to explain why there are so many events centered around this popular brand.

Whether they’ve just purchased their first bikes or they’re veteran riders who have only recently made the switch to a high-quality Harley motorcycle, riders will be sure to find a welcoming community of other like-minded people. They can hit the road with their new friends or just hang out and discuss their passion for America’s favorite motorcycle brand. In any case, it’s more fun than riding alone.

Availability of Mechanics

Riders who like to head out on motorcycle tours often worry about whether they’ll be able to find mechanics in middle-of-nowhere towns who can work on their bikes. There’s never a need to worry about this practical concern with a Harley. No matter where they end up, riders will be able to find a mechanic who can help them sort out any problems they’re having without needing to tow their motorcycles hundreds of miles back to the dealership.

The Bottom Line

Harley-Davidson remains America’s most popular motorcycle brand for a reason. They produce high-quality bikes that are known for their reliability and their impressive power. This helps to explain why there’s always a mechanic who will be able to solve riders’ problems and why there’s always a supportive community of other enthusiasts in every town.

Those who are looking for the cheapest bike on the market most likely aren’t looking for Harleys. Most of the time, what they’ll be looking for in just a few years or less is a new bike. Instead of wasting money on lesser brands, buy a used Harley that will last for years or decades to come.

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