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biba bags review

If you are a person who goes with the upbeat and modern trendy designs in their accessories like bags then Biba is the name of a brand you should follow and become loyal to.

Biba bags are renowned for their finesse and delicacy which is why they are must to have in your own collection of bags. Their sophistication and classy look is professionally created by the many experts who keep in mind the ease, purpose, and demand of their customers from around the globe. Their sleek handles and finishing gives you the air of classiness and if you are carrying a bag from Biba, then it speaks volumes about your taste.

The best thing about Biba bags, which they consider as their unique selling point is that their bags can be taken along any clothes you are wearing and still they won’t look unfit. Their appeal will enhance your entire look regardless of the matching with the clothes or accessories. And another best thing is you can easily order Biba bags online, saving your time and effort in finding your next favorite bag. And once convinced of their quality and functionality you just have to follow the brand to take profit of the next Biba bags sale.

Features Of Biba Bags


These bags are versatile in nature and follow the innovative designs of the creative artists who keep all the modern trends of the time in their perspective. These are known in the fashion industry for their trendy and chic look as they are a blend of contemporary design and classic, vintage look. This creates an iconic versatility for the bags made at the Biba brand and the logo that is embossed on these bags is an emblem of their unique design and creativity.


It has a vast range of suitability as these bags have a wide range of products in all sorts of bags and collections, depending upon the various demands of their customers. From the working lady to the house wife it suits all sorts of purposes and needs.

Smartly Sized

The Biga bags are designed very smartly to fit all ages and objectives. To cater to assorted purposes, it offers wide variety of sizes. From handy clutch bags to oversized luggage bags, or from coin purses to smartly sized shoulder bags, Biba brand has all sorts of collections.

Perfect Material

For a lot of customers, what matters most is the material of the product, even more than the design, as for them the durability and quality counts more. In Biba bags, you do not have to worry about it, as the material used for their products is pure leather. They even have their own mastered and unique style of cutting the leather in intricate methods, so to give the Biba leather bags an even natural yet very polished look.


The bags made at the Biba brand are not only innovative in their style, even their designs carry one or the other smartly added benefit or accessories like zip closures, studs, motifs and buckles or the use of more than one handle. It often has multiple pockets or hidden pouches within the bag. If you are looking for a bag that is spacious, trendy with tassels or is even available in gold tones then Biba bags should be your only choice.

Types of Biba Bags


These are Biba Maria bowler bags which are large enough for one long day essentials with soft dry cloth inside it. The outer side is made of plain pure leather but often has fancy and upbeat motifs on the top, to be carried around in formal or informal occasions both. It has a stiff grabbing handle with an optional shoulder strap and has a zip fastening to secure your belongings.


These are long held shopping bags by Biba. They are stylishly made with 100% cotton material to give you a better grip at your shopping. You could both hold it in your hand or hang it on your shoulder. It has a wider capacity and is very useful to have in your collection of bags.


These are the Biba Rachel cross body bags which are made of leather. It depicts your good taste and is very versatile to be carried in every sort of occasion. It has an entire collection with multiple colors and re-sizeable strap options. It is mostly available in two compartments and double zip fastening to give you more room for your various possessions.

Biba Handbags

These are fold over hand bags made of leather. It is a must to have accessory in your collection because of their elegance and sophistication, hand bags have a gorgeous texture outside with an embossed logo. It is a clutch with a tassel in fold over design. Its inner is properly lined to feature elegance too.

Briefcase & Document

This collection of bags can be used for multiple purposes. It offers aesthetic styles and many compartments & pockets of various sizes to give you enough room for your belongings, both inside and outside. It has a strap and handle both that can be adjusted as per the need. It is made with polyurethane and cotton.

Back pack

It is a unisex collection that offers its customers the modern and urban style. It also has a wide variety and most of them have spacious interior and exterior pockets. It also has a zip fastening and adjustable handles as per the requirement of the customer. It is made of polyester and cotton.


These are like urban tote bags but their benefit is that they are very lightweight and waterproof. For the rainy season, this is a must to have as it offers a classy look along with the protection for your belongings, from the rain and water.

Fanny Pack

This is an assortment of bags that can be worn around your waist. It is designed with an inspiration to geometric shapes. It has two sections with an internal mini pocket for tiny possessions like jewelry or keys. It is made of natural leather.


This collection for women is made with natural leather. It is available in very soft and warm colors. It often offers two sections, one with a zip and the other with a click. On the other hand, the collection of wallets for men is made with pure leather which is washed and dyed before designing. It offers an extra compartment for cards with a flap.
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