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hardwood floor cleaning

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to clean up the house. Sometimes it can require much effort, time and money, especially if there are different floor surfaces in your home. Luckily, reliable brands keep their customers in mind. From year to year, they improve their products and offer innovative models for our use. This guide will help you to take the right decision before buying a vacuum cleaner, as you can compare all the features of different models and make your choice according to your needs.

Miele C1 Pure Suction

This tool opens our list of TOP 5 Best hardwood floor vacuum cleaners to buy in 2019. It has rubberized wheels to prevent scratching, a metal-based plate for easy guiding and six power control settings. This model provides high efficiency and capacity, equipped with its 1,200-watt vortex motor developed by Miele, the brand trusted for over a century. The only drawback of Miele C1 Pure Suction is its heavy weight 18.4 pounds.

Eufy Boost IQ

It comes at number 4 of our list. This lightweight smart assistant is a real godsend for those people who need to automate the cleanup process. If it’s hard to move like you used to, this nimble device will do all the dirty work instead of you. Slim and quiet, it can sweep through your home for up to 100 minutes at a time, and it uses a unique technology to sense obstacles and sudden drops. At the same time, it’s powerful enough, made of anti-scratch tempered glass and can recharge itself automatically.

Hoover FloorMate

This one has unique features which let this model take the leading position in our list. Its futuristic design does not leave anyone indifferent.

SpinScrub Brushes provide perfect results when softly and carefully cleaning tile flooring, sealed wood, vinyl, and grout, so it can also be used for cleanup of different surfaces. Its soft wheels do not leave any scratches.

Innovative Dual Tank Technology helps separate clean water from used one, so it prevents from splitting dirty water on the floor again.

You can select one of two modes – wash or dry. During the wash mode, brushes are used to clean during aspiration excess water. On the other hand, when the dry mode is on, brushes are stopped from aspiration water and thus improves time for drying.

Clean Boost provides control with a fingertip to pump an extra portion of spot cleaner to access particular stains and heavy traffic areas.

The most significant advantage of this model is its lightweight, under 14 pounds. It makes the FloorMate easy to lift, carry and move upstairs and downstairs. You complete the cleanup of your house without any tension and effort.

Karcher FC5

It’s made by a reliable company. The Karcher FC5 wet floor cleaner is an excellent solution for quick and easy cleaning. Implemented in it an innovative concept of “2 in 1” allows you to forget about the tedious cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner before wet cleaning. Thanks to the combination of two operations, this unit simultaneously collects damp and dry dirt. It allows you to perform wet cleaning of the floor without a bucket and a rag and pre-vacuuming.

The rotating roller constantly wetted with water (with or without cleaning agent), removes debris and dry dirt and simultaneously washes the floor. The vacuuming system is located above the roller and sucks the mixture of water and dust from the roller into the dirty water tank. You can achieve excellent results easily and effortlessly. At the same time, the superb result of cleaning is provided on any floor – wooden, stone or polymeric materials.

The advantages of this model are:

  • It saves up to 50% of your time and effort.
  • Karcher FC also saves up to 85% of expensive water: for cleaning of the apartment of about 60m2, it needs only 600 ml of water whereas at usual cleaning by a MOP its consumption makes at least 5-10 l.
  • The electric drive of brushes provides progressive movement of a vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning of a floor and high speed of their rotation (500 rpm).
  • Intensive mechanical processing of a surface in one pass. Thanks to this, as well as an innovative self-cleaning function, a 20% better cleaning result, is achieved.
  • Fast drying (less than 2 minutes!) of the cleaned floor allows Karcher FC 5 to process any hard floor coverings, whether wooden, stone or polymeric. A wide range of products offered by Karcher for cleaning and care provides not only a thorough cleaning of the floor but also its effective protection.

Bissell Crosswave

This is a real leader among other vacuum cleaners. It’s a multifunctional vacuum cleaner for cleaning different surfaces. This 3-in-1 model will save your time and money as it replaces three different tools. Any expert will give you the following advice: before you wash the floor, it should be thoroughly vacuumed. Crosswave vacuum cleaner performs all these three operations at the same time and is suitable for cleaning not only hardwood floor but any floors and carpets in your home! Just pay attention to its special features:

  • One simple operation complete dust collection and floor cleaning in your home at the same time.
  • Excellent result of 3-in-1 wet cleaning is achieved in only a single step.
  • Simultaneous cleaning of floors with different coatings: a unique brush roller wipes and washes the floors, ensuring their deep cleaning and preventing from splitting dirty water on the floors.
  • Touch button control is easy to use and convenient. This function allows you to control the cleaning process. Just select the type of floor surface, and you can start cleaning.

The Crosswave device is equipped with a hinged nozzle that easily maneuvers under and around various pieces of furniture. The design with two separate easy-to-remove containers for clean and used water eliminates the need to change their contents often and ensures that the floors are washed only with clean water. The removable brush roller is easy to maintain.

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