Tammy Broccas September 28, 2018
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For any trader, entrepreneur, retailer or businessman the thing that matters the most is the people who buy the company’s products or services or, in other words, customers. The potential of general public in becoming your loyal customer is not hard to induce in your business. All you need are some good tactics and tips to grab their attention more efficiently.

When you own a retail store, the marketing strategy needs to have a solid impact so that the people who visit you once, become your loyal and regular customers. You need to be open towards the direct marketing strategy of being polite to your visitors even if they are not purchasing from you and then take their feedback personally about what they think should be available at your store or how you can be of more help to them. This personal touch and politeness can become your USP (Unique Selling Point) and will leave a positive impact on the visitors.

You must also pay your workers, staff and salesmen appropriately so that they can also talk highly about your store, just as their own and thus this strategy will grab more customers for you through their friends, family and acquaintances. The more people will hear about the opening of your new business, the more visits and potential customers you can obtain from this direct word of mouth marketing strategy.

To attract public to your store, you can also plan a big launch event with more prominent and loud decorations so to attract more eyes and crowd to your store who can all be your potential customers in the future. This marketing strategy is most commonly used these days. If you have a good budget up your sleeve, then you can also send a teaser through radio, television or newspaper about the opening of your business in the new location. This will also end up drawing more crowds to your store because people around it would be anticipating the opening and thus would visit you to figure out more about you and your products.

Following are a few more ideas that can help you sustain in the competitive market and turn your visitors into your regular…

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