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attarintiki daredi

Attarintiki Daredi is an Indian movie released in 2013, made by Trivikram Srinivas who was the director and the writer of the film. The genre of the movie is comedy-drama in the Telugu language. The name of the movie actually means ‘Which path will take me to my aunt’s house?’. This is the project of Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra, distributed by reliance entertainment, whereas the producer of the film is B. V. S. N. Prasad.

The story revolves around the relationships. Where a daughter married at her own wish and was thus punished by her father through an expulsion from the family. Now the grandson is trying to mend their paths while hiding his identity of a businessman’s grandson and becoming a driver at her aunt’s house so he could work magic and bring his grandfather and aunt to the terms to forgive each other.

With a budget of ₹ 55 crore (550 million), it was a big budgeted movie mostly shot in Hyderabad with few scenes exclusively shot at Pollachi and even Europe. The film was much appreciated and thus reached a 1.87 billion gross which in Telugu films was the highest turnout till 2015. It won countless awards from several forums and has also been translated and dubbed into Hindi language. Not only that, it was also remade into Kannada and Bengali languages with key casts.

Attarintiki Daredi – The Plot

A rich businessman named Raghunandan who lived in Milan is very successful in life but he deeply and secretly misses his daughter named Sunanda, who once married against his approval and he expelled her out of his house and family. But now that he is 80 years old he shares with his grandson named Gautham, how he missed his daughter unaccountably more who promises to mend all broken ties and bring his aunt back to his grandfather and family.

To achieve this, he somehow gets himself appointed at her aunt’s house in disguise of a driver where the story sees many twists and turns in respect to Sunanda’s daughters. As the several dramatized stories unfold, Sunanda figures out the real identity of Gautham and thus warns him against any of his motive. Later on, Sunanda’s husband Rajasekhar fires Gautham but he doesn’t get disappointed and finds another disguising identity for himself, to enter the house again.

This time, he becomes the assistant of an NRI and traps him to come and stay at his aunt’s house. Here again the story sees another thundering twist when the NRI falls in love with one of Sunanda’s daughter named Sashi whereas Sashi is in love with Gautham and thus elope with him on the wedding day.

Before they could catch the train back to Chennai, they are caught up by extremely raged parents, Rajasekhar and Sunanda who were about to shoot Gautham but figured out his true identity along with what he actually wants from them.

This was led by an emotional and very captivating monologue by Gautham where he summarizes the entire situation since Sunanda’s departure and how his grandfather was about to commit suicide but in the attempt, he rather killed his mother. He then demands from his aunt that how she can hate her own father when even Gautham chose to forgive him and loved him for all these years even though he had killed his mother.

Sunanda not only realizes her mistake but eventually comes back to her dad and even Gautham gets to marry his love Sashi in the end. Raghunandan becomes happiest after meeting his daughter and he makes his grandson the CEO of his company. The film ends happily.

Attarintiki Daredi – Filming

The producer of the film B.V.S.N Prasad, shared during the launch event of the movie that the principal photography will be requiring a location in abroad and it will commence by the December 2012 but something occurred or came up and thus delayed the shooting to be finally happening in January’s end. This delay in shooting also led them to begin the shoot from Hyderabad and finally moved to Pollachi in February 2013.

For a few scenes, a specially tailored and constructed set was formulated in Hyderabad in the beginning of March 2013. This set was heavy and consumed around 30 million of the total budget of the film but this helped in shooting near half of the film scenes by the third week into April. Another month of shooting several crucial and important scenes led to the completion of the speaking portions that were to be shot in the country thus only leaving the scenes that were planned and scheduled to be shot in abroad.

In the 1st week of June, the cast and crew eventually travelled to Europe. The shooting included few action scenes, songs, and even few speaking portions. The team travelled to and fro Spain and Switzerland and even began the dubbing of the film about the same time. For a specific scene on an island, a helicopter was also used in supervision. The cast and crew returned back by July 2013 and the same month, principal photography ended too.

Another set was built to complement the requirement of a song and its choreography which was done by Mr. Ganesh. The title of this song is ‘It’s Time to Party’.

Post shooting activities also started by the same time so the film can wrap up quickly yet perfectly.

Attarintiki Daredi – Themes and Influences

The film and its lead characters take the influence of many of Hindi, Telugu and even Hollywood films. The theme where the main character hides his real identity and tries to convince the people about some objective seems to have its influence from the film ‘Nuvvu Naaku Nachav’ released in 2001 and somewhat resemblance comes from the movie ‘Parugu’ which was released in 2008. Few songs were also copied regarding their theme. And a very well shot scene regarding the famously known ‘Badam Tree Scene’ has also been put in the film under the influence of another scene from the movie A Thousand Words released in 2012.

Attarintiki Daredi – Music

The soundtrack of the film was highly liked and was received with much positivity from both the critics and the audiences. It was made by Devi Sri Prasad and had almost 6 hit songs. The launch ceremony was also a huge success which was held on 19th July 2013, with the entire cast and crew of the film.

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