Tammy Broccas October 6, 2018
kidney patient diet

Patients who have a kidney disease need to follow a special diet plan as all kinds of food are not well-tolerated by their digestive and renal system. Diet and nutrition play a key role in leading a better life with kidney disease.

As the kidney disease progresses, you should make the necessary changes to your diet. The main aim of this diet is to balance the levels of electrolytes, minerals, and fluid in the body. Renal dietitians provide a diet chart to every patient suffering from kidney disease after conducting a few tests such as urinalysis and considering other factors including body mass index (BMI), electrolyte balance, and dietary requirement for protein, fats, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphate, and vitamin D. Since every patient with kidney disease have a different dietary requirement, it is important to start the diet only under the guidance of a renal dietitian.

Kidneys have significant functions in our body, including removing waste and extra water from the blood, which results in the formation of urine. Kidneys also help maintain a proper functioning of the body by balancing the salts and minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, sodium, and potassium that circulate in the blood. Kidneys have an important role in releasing hormones that help make red blood cells, regulate blood pressure, and keep the bones stronger.

What happens in a kidney disease?

After consumption of foods and drinks, our bodies use what is required and turn the rest of the material into waste products, which are eventually excreted through urine. When kidneys do not function properly, these waste products gradually start building up in your blood. Salts that contain phosphorous and potassium may rise to dangerous levels in the blood and lead to heart and bone problems. Kidney disease can lead to a low red blood cell count (RBC) as kidneys stop making enough amount of erythropoietin (a hormone that causes bone marrow to make red blood cells).

After months or years, kidney disease may progress to permanent kidney failure which then requires a person to undergo kidney transplant or dialysis…

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