Tammy Broccas December 15, 2018
instagram followers

Because of the numerous visual intrigues it has, Instagram has become a major favorite of many people from around the world. As a marketer, it holds immense potential as well, thanks to its ever-increasing user base (currently at one billion, with active users at almost 900 million). When the visual content being shared is at its best, it is always emotionally provocative, and makes a lasting impression on the people who see it.

Here is another fact you may have missed – engagement on the platform is huge. In fact, it is much more than other platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The average growth rate of an average account stands at a staggering 237 percent, for instance.

Why should you optimize your account?

There is a catch though. If you are not careful, you can quickly fall into the trap of getting followers that do not engage with your content. As a brand, you need to ensure the quality of followers you have is high – meaning they are highly engaged with you, and can purchase any products or services you put out because they trust your brand.

Follower counts on their own are simply ‘vanity metrics’, because they may not translate into actual engagement levels.

There is good news though, because almost 50 percent of Instagram users follow brands on the platform, while 75 percent always take action, such as purchasing something they saw and liked or telling their friends. Here are some tips to help you maximize that opportunity.

Always make the posts ‘shoppable’

For many businesses, the addition of this feature came as a great answer because it optimizes your sales figures directly. When a user visits your profile or sees your post and decides to click the trackable link on the bio, it directs them to an interface that looks like your Instagram feed, then each image leads to your website. This allows them to shop for products directly.

The good news is that there are third-party tools that allow you to do this action. They also collect all customer reviews of your products to give you a better idea on how your product actually is within the market. The easier the purchase is, the happier the customer is, and your sales increase…

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