Tammy Broccas October 30, 2018
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The ecommerce industry has taken the world by storm. It has broadened the horizon of success for aspiring entrepreneurs to unimaginable lengths and has redefined convienence for customers.

It is for this reason that global B2C ecommerce sales are projected to cap at $2.3 trillion by the end of 2017 while global B2B ecommerce sales are expected to reach $7.7 trillion.

This promise of success of the e-commerce industry lures millions each year to start their own businesses and has also caused the industry to be flooded with a wide array of ecommerce tools; all of which promise a great deal of value to their customers.

So, how do you decide which of these tools will provide the best value to your business? Here, we have enlisted 5 must-have tools that you need to deploy to see your ecommerce business thrive:

1. BigCommerce

Managing an ecommerce business is a mammoth task; you always have a never-ending to-do list and are guaranteed to feel stretched in a hundred different directions simultaneously.

It is therefore, imperative that you learn the art of leveraging on the right combination of tools to automate most of your mundane day-to-day tasks. This makes you free to undertake strategic tasks that are essential to your company’s success.

One such tool that we would recommend to all e-commerce business owners is BigCommerce which is a renowned store builder packed with an array of features that allow you to host your website with minimum hassle.

It is currently serving thousands of businesses worldwide that range from small and medium enterprises to multinational conglomerates, which indicates its suitability for all types of businesses and industries.

BigCommerce offers off-site hosting functionality and also comes equipped with an easy to use drag-and-drop editor. It is readily scalable and also offers swift resolution of technical issues such as server problems and page malfunction owing to high visitor load.

In addition to this, it also offers detailed SEO features along with seamless integration with Ebay, Facebook, MailChimp, Google and PayPal. It enables you to present unlimited product options, devise product rules, sell intangible products such as event tickets and digital downloads, process orders and manage your inventory.

2. Jungle Scout

In today’s competitive landscape, if you wish to stay ahead of the herd, you need to be aware of the sthrenghts and weaknesses of your competities. This is particularly true in the case of ecommerce businesses which constantly struggle to offer the best variety of products at the best possible prices.

This is where market research tools like Jungle Scout save the day as they allow you to identify the most popular products for your niche and also enable you to track their demand on Amazon. But, why is a software necessary for this…

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